Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bing Bing

This is what Desmond calls his penis.  Actually, this is what I grew up hearing my own mother calling my little brother John's penis when we were really young, so naturally, when thinking of a word to call Desmond's penis (other than, well, penis), I used this one. 

We started using this word when Desmond became aware of his penis.  Maybe 12 or 13 months?  We would give him a bath and he would sit there and look at his penis with so much concentration and just tug and tug on it.  And then he started noticing that Billy had one, too, when he would shower with him.  He would point at it and shrug his shoulders, as if to ask, "So, you have one, too?"  He then became interested in whether or not I had one, too.  He would point at my crotch and shrug his shoulders.  I would tell him that mommies have chai chais and daddies have bing bings.  (Laugh all you want...I know I shouldn't really use baby terms for things with my toddler, that penis and vagina are the proper names for these body parts, but they really are such awful-sounding words.  Hopefully, by the time he is old enough to start talking about his privates, I could find it within myself to say penis and vagina with a straight face to him and not make him feel ashamed to say them, either). 

Well, beyond wondering what daddy's dangly thing is and how come mommy doesn't have one, Desmond basically stopped having anything to do with his penis for a few months.  But then, just a few weeks ago, it's been all about the peen with him.  He has figured out how to tug on it in such a way that makes it pleasurable for him.  So pleasurable, in fact, that he spends about 30% of each day with his hand down his pants.  It's gotten to the point where I think it's replaced the function of his binkie (which we got rid of ages ago).  So, now, as he's falling asleep, he struggles to get his hand down his pants, and fusses until he gets a hold of his penis.  And once he does, he smiles, sighs happily, and whispers "bing bing." 

We've caught him putting his hand down his pants at the little tot care at my gym and are trying to be vigilant about making him aware that touching his penis in public is not really kosher, but we aren't going to make him feel as if touching himself  in private is something he shouldn't do ever or something he should be ashamed of doing.  There will be no hairy palm discussion in my household :)  Although what kind of discussion we will have when the time comes to really have a discussion, is completely up to Bill.

Ahhh...the joys of parenthood. 

I made him take his hand out of his pants for this picture.  Just kidding.

Cheeky little monkey.